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We have prepared several downloads for your use.

‘The Get out of Debt Quickly and Stay Out of Debt Plan’
This shows you how you can do exactly that, getting out of debt quickly by using an accelerator technique. By following this method you will be able to manage debt much better and have debt cost you less!!

‘The Money Mindset Scorecard’
A useful document to let you see exactly where you are with handling money. Some people are apprehensive about handling money and some are a bit ‘Gung Ho’ this scorecard will tell you exactly where you are and give you some ideas about your own money mindset.

‘The Wheel’
A useful download as you can track your money mindset and your attitude to money and how this improves over time. Use this download at different timeframes for example, every 6 months and see how your money mindset improves over time.

‘The Four Money Buckets’ They have some suggested headings that you can use.