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Max Horne

Max Horne is one of the world’s leading financial advisers. He is a member of Million Dollar Round Table’s Top of the Table,sunshine behind cloud
who represent the top 1% of elite financial advisers worldwide. He runs his financial planning practice from Dunfermline,
Scotland, the birthplace of the world renowned philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

He entered the financial services profession in 1979, having seen his late father in law die without any life assurance or
pensions and watching his mother in law having to sell the family home and move back into rented accommodation just
to survive. He has been on a mission ever since to ensure that what he witnessed should never happen to anyone else.

He is thoroughly convinced that financial education is sadly lacking in schools in the United Kingdom. Despite successive
governments paying lip service to this nothing has been done to tackle the culture of overspending and debt that is rife in
society today.

He hopes this book will create some good habits in the youngsters of today as, up to now, ‘money doesn’t come with instructions’.