The Money


The Money Instruction Book

“The idea for this book came out of a frustration that there was negligible financial education in Scottish secondary schools. Four years ago when my grandson was 15 years old, I asked him if he was getting any financial education at school. He replied that he wasn’t and I thought that was a bit strange as successive Scottish Governments and the Westminster Government before them had said they would increase the level of financial education in secondary schools. The evidence was that very little was being done. I then contacted the Scottish Government of the day and they told me that although financial education was on the list of things to do, it was fairly well down the list and it would not be a priority in the current parliament. I then contacted my local authority who told me that they taught financial education but in the interests of preserving the dignity of the council’s official who corresponded with me, their reply was laughable.

So I decided to do something about it and produce what I would call “an instruction book” to take youngsters through good practices with handling money and how to avoid getting into debt, which I firmly believe to be the major source of financial unhappiness.

I hope you will enjoy what is essentially a step by step guide to your money mindset and also, more importantly, how to handle physical money.”

Max Horne